Planned Giving/Live On

In 2011, the Rose Community Foundation announced the creation of a third chapter to their Live On program: the Build Your Jewish Legacy Initiative.  Created to assist metro-area Jewish organizations integrate a culture of legacy giving, the initiative is designed to build permanent endowments through bequests and planned giving.

Building an endowment is crucial for future generations of Torah scholars, enabling them to continue their studies and ensuring the accessibility of Torah education to all Jews.

The Netzach Society is a group of friends who are committed to ensuring the future of Yeshiva Toras Chaim by participating in the Live On program.

You can ensure that your generosity is perpetuated by endowing a planned gift that will provide income equal to your annual gift.  Your legacy will thus continue for eternity.

For more information, please visit the Live On website.

Yeshiva Toras Chaim gratefully acknowledges the Rose Community Foundation for developing the Live On program.

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