Otzar Shmuel Legacy campaign

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With joy, vitality, and a true desire to advance in Torah learning, character development, and mitzvah observance, Shmuli taught us what it means to lead a life of growth. And, never one to leave anyone behind, he brought his peers up with him.

Suddenly and without warning, Hashem plucked the pure, untainted treasure from our midst. His passing leaves an aching void in our hearts, but his impact continues to inspire us.

As a tribute to Shmuli’s legacy, the yeshiva built a brand new otzar, “Otzar Shmuel.” This Torah library will house a beautiful aron kodesh, a new set of neviim on klaf (parchment), and an extensive and fully replenished collection of sefarim. It will enhance the glory of Torah and Torah learning at YTC and promote the furtherance of Torah in the Denver community and beyond. “Shmuli always wanted people to learn better,” says Rabbi Silverberg. “Anything that makes people learn better would be a tremendous merit for him.”

Otzar Shmuel