Yahrzeit / Memorial

At Yeshiva Toras Chaim, there are a number of ways that you can perpetuate your loved one’s memory in a significant manner:

Eternal Flame Memorial

A Commemorative Plaque will memorialize your loved one on the beautiful and elegant Dedication Wall in the Tribute Hall of the Yeshiva main lobby. Also included in this dedication are the benefits provided by a Remembrance In Perpetuity memorial - on the day of the Yahrzeit, a Yeshiva Rabbi will recite Kaddish and a student will study Mishnayos. The El Mohley Rachamim prayer will be recited during the reading of the Torah on the Yahrzeit and during Yizkor services on holidays. 

Bronze Plaque Memorial

A Bronze plaque memorializing your loved one will be placed in the Yahrzeit Observance Hall of the Yeshiva where a light will be lit on the day of the Yahrzeit each year. Also, included with option, is to have a Yeshiva Rabbi recite Kaddish for the first year.

Kaddish for a Year

A Yeshiva Rabbi will say Kaddish for 11 months, within the first year of the yahrzeit.

Day of Torah Sponsorship

The Torah study by a class of student scholars will be dedicated in memory of the departed and will be announced on a plaque outside of the classroom.