Foundations for Life

Inspiring talmidim to achieve their full potential

Building generations of Bnei Torah

The mission of Yeshiva Toras Chaim is: To raise a generation of young men committed to leading a life guided by Torah values; and to reach out to the Jewish community, raising the level of awareness, knowledge and appreciation of those Torah values that constitute the core of Jewish life.

Dedicated to Excellence

Our hanhalla, rebbeim, and teachers are dedicated to the students and passionate about what they teach. Their knowledge and understanding ensures the talmidim receive top quality education. Guided with warmth and care, the boys are able to truly shine.

The Shmuli Silverberg Memorial Fund

Help perpetuate Shmuli's A"H legacy by enabling the Yeshiva to continue its vital mission of instilling the values that Shmuli embodied.

Learning in this yeshiva has had a profound impact on me. The fundamental skills and hashkafos I learned guided me to become who I am now and, IY"H, who I will be in the future.

Yitzy Melamed, student

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