Yeshiva Toras Chaim Celebrates Exceeding Success

Event 2023

The Denver Community joined together for Yeshiva Toras Chaim’s annual Celebration Event on Tuesday evening, November 14th. The event, Exceed, was a celebration several days after an exceedingly successful campaign that raised over $1.3 million dollars to continue developing young men into future talmidei chachamim and leaders of the Jewish People.

The Celebration Event was held at the elegant and cutting-edge Infinity Park Event Center. Rabbi Aver Jacobs, Rov of Kehilas Bais Yisroel, opened the evening and expressed the idea felt by everyone that while we continue with our lives, those who are suffering in Eretz Yisroel are constantly on our minds and in our prayers. Rabbi Jacobs then led a recitation of Tehillim for those in need of Divine salvation, those in harm’s way and, in particular, for the 25 soldiers who hail from Colorado fighting in Israel. He also pointed out that those learning Torah and those supporting Torah are acting as a most important spiritual defense for the Jewish Nation.

The evening featured a moving memorial for Mr. Boruch (Barry) Baxman, a poignant M’dor L’dor (Generation to Generation) Tribute to Daniel & Jeannie Kravitz and their children Isaac & Tamar Kravitz, and an inspiring Parents of the Year Tribute to Efraim & Shifra Cunningham. The tribute video presentations were informative, entertaining and inspiring.

The YTC graduating classes of 1973 and 1998, marking the 50th and 25th years respectively, were also recognized with a nostalgic video journey down memory lane. May of the graduates traveled in to be a part of the celebration.

The phenomenal guitar duo Aryeh Kuntsler and Ari Boiangiu, known as “AryehsDen,” enthralled the gathered crowd with an exciting musical performance.
Unique kosher cuisine was catered by the East Side Kosher Deli, whose prowess in providing culinary excellence is legendary. The evening was capped off by a beautifully arranged dessert table featuring a wide variety of exquisite and delicious pastries, fruits and sweets to please every palate.

“We are forever grateful for the continued strong support of the entire Denver Jewish community and our extended community around the globe which provides for the Yeshiva in so many ways,” said YTC CEO Rabbi Ahron Yisroel Wasserman. “We look forward to a future that will exceed expectations, both for our wonderful students as well as for the entire Denver Jewish community.”